How to improve employee engagement? Leaders, listen up.

Are your employees engaged? Hopefully the answer is yes, but how can you tell? And what is the answer to the question of how to improve employee engagement? Organizations that have highly engaged employees are at least twice as likely to be top financial performers in their industries as ones with low engagement, according to … Read More

8 tough interview questions — how to handle them and interview strong

Do job interviewers ask tough interview questions to trip up applicants on purpose? It might seem like it sometimes, but thankfully it’s not true – not in the malicious sense, at least. Interviews are carefully planned, though, to get beyond canned responses and discern how prepared, truthful, and motivated candidates are. Even some questions that … Read More

11 phone interview questions to ask (and the strategic reasons why)

Does your organization’s hiring process include phone interviews to filter the flood of job applicants? Many hiring managers use this screening method to ensure that in-person interviewing will feature the candidates with the most promise. Let’s focus on the best phone interview questions to ask next time you’re hiring… The best initial phone interview questions … Read More

Breaks at work: Why your team needs a time out

The business world still has a lot of stressed out and exhausted people, despite a plethora of wellness initiatives. Part of the problem is a culture that rewards working without breaks as a characteristic of commitment. If you are responsible for managing employees, there is a strong business case to make for having your team … Read More