Think of your resume as a marketing tool: Is it selling you?

Have you ever stopped to think about your resume as a marketing tool? What is a resume? A resume is a factual document that outlines a candidate’s employment history, skills, and qualifications for a job. That definition is simple and accurate, but doesn’t go quite far enough. The most successful job candidates sell themselves. Developing … Read More

Why didn’t I get the job? The answer may or may not be about you

“Why didn’t I get the job?” That’s the mystery when the interview seemed to go well, but then the hiring manager tells you that despite your obvious skills, they “decided to go in a different direction.” We recommend that you follow up a rejection with a respectful question, asking for useful feedback that will assist … Read More

Social media tips for job seekers

Do employers check your social media? You better believe it. Doing so is now an accepted, and expected, function of recruiters. Your online presence is now a key reference available to everyone. It can help you get hired, or it can be the reason you don’t get hired. It can even get you fired. To … Read More