Writing a professional bio: Tell the story of who you are

Landing a new job requires a well-crafted resume. We also advise candidates that writing a professional bio is just as important. Good resumes highlight skills and experience that align with a specific job description. By contrast, a bio uses a narrative style to portray job seekers more generally as professional persons. The more senior the … Read More

Spotlight on soft skills in the workplace

How important are soft skills in the workplace? Don’t they take second place to technical talent and experience? That’s not what 92 percent of talent pros, who took part in LinkedIn’s latest annual Global Talent Trends research, said. Instead, they considered soft skills in a job candidate equal in importance to hard skills, or even … Read More

Hiring in a full employment market: What marketers can teach hiring managers

We are experiencing a full employment economy. Unemployment is at a 50-year low, which is good news, obviously. However, talent shortages create a real challenge for companies seeking to add to their teams. An organization’s ability to meet growth opportunities in their industries is limited when openings go unfilled. Businesses that rise to the challenge … Read More

Engineering and construction industry outlook — an insider’s take

The engineering and construction industry experienced five percent growth during 2018, with significant mergers and acquisitions playing key roles, reports Michelle Meisels, who leads the engineering and construction practice for Deloitte Consulting Technology. In Deloitte’s 2019 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook, she predicts growth will accelerate this year. Digital to drive growth “Driving this activity … Read More