We are proud of the successful connections we’ve made with clients and candidates around the country in a variety of industries. Our recruiters strive to exceed client and candidates expectations and we’re proud to be known as a well-respected recruiting company.

Client Testimonials

Responsiveness and Quality

I wanted to take a brief moment and recognize our Bradsby recruiter. Every time she has been asked to help IDI fulfill a role, her level of care, responsiveness, and quality candidates is superb. Her customer service is phenomenal and her work ethic and follow up is equally amazing! I appreciate all you do.


Geoffrey Costa, Atlantic District Manager, IDI Distributors

Speed and Quality

The team and I have already agreed that Bradsby Group did an excellent job and will be one of our preferred vendors for our high level skill-sets from here on out. Your speed to market and responsiveness is second to none. I appreciate your help throughout the whole process and hope to continue a strong partnership. I will be in touch with the next opportunity that will be coming available.

- Hiring Authority

Confidential Construction Company

Growing Needs

Thanks to significant and unexpected growth, my company needed to quickly fill a number of engineering and geoscience positions. I started working with Bradsby Group and was extremely pleased with the attention we received, especially as a new and relatively small client. [Bradsby Group] worked to understand our needs and culture, kept in constant touch by phone, and worked well with both HR and our line managers. Several positions have already been filled and without a doubt, Bradsby Group has been the most responsive of any of the firms we’ve utilized.

- Organization and Leadership Advisor

BreitBurn Energy Partners L.P.

Not Your Typical Agency

Bradsby Group is not the typical staffing agency or vendor who calls for your business and then never follows-up. For ICAT, Bradsby Group has been a true staffing partner. Bradsby works to understand the needs of the position and the culture of the organization. We have built a strong relationship with Bradsby and we can readily call on them to provide high quality candidates in a timely manner for a variety of positions. Their level of professionalism and caliber of candidates far exceeds other agencies we have worked with historically. We have experienced great success with Bradsby and we would highly recommend them as a staffing partner.

- Human Resources Manager


Consistent Excellence

Bradsby has continually brought talent to our teams and enabled Level 3 as an organization to continue our growth and expertise in the marketplace. Bradsby Group has delivered staffing solutions, in a timely and effective manner, at a high level of quality and at an effective price point. They have delivered in numerous areas of the organization including: senior appointments (Director, VP level), technical placements (operations, engineering, product development and IT), and business functions (accounting and finance). I confidently recommend their services both internally and externally and have no doubt in their ability to continually deliver staffing solutions to any company they work with!

- Recruiting Manager

Level 3 Communications

Candidate Testimonials

Diligent Professionalism

I will be very honest. I thought, “What can a recruiter in Denver, CO do for me here in Tampa, FL?”. I was dumbfounded at the success at which Bradsby Group was able to uncover opportunities and the true professionalism and dedication to my cause with which the recruiters handled the search. During that process, Bradsby Group was in constant communication with me as to the next step and what was to be expected of me. The recruiters were diligent in there procurement of referrals and references and were instrumental in my getting the interviews. During my “transition” time, I have worked with several recruiters here in the Tampa area and no one here compares to the recruiters at Bradsby Group. Again their diligence and persistence was second to none.

- Banking Candidate

Perfect Timing

Thank you for your persistence and creativity. I don’t know what [Bradsby Group] saw in me and what you saw in your client that inspired you to bring us together, but I very much appreciate it. This is the right move at the right time in my career. Had you not introduced us… I don’t know if this would have ever happened. I wish you all the best. I hope my career is long and prosperous there, which would mean I personally won’t need your services, but I will happily do whatever I can to help you.

- Legal Candidate

An Excellent Opportunity

I wanted to thank you again. You have truly been a blessing to me and my family for this opportunity. Words cannot express what these last four months have been to me, in terms of personal growth, development and the ability to prove myself in a small shop versus becoming a number in a larger organization.

- IT Candidate

Employee Testimonials

Great Opportunity

“I began at Bradsby almost 3 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing on my first day, but through great coaching and direction by management I was able to find success in a new career with Bradsby. It is truly an opportunity to change your life! I have great support through peers all the way up to the founder of the company.

Bradsby is the best work environment I have had the pleasure to work in and I am happy to come to work every day. The greatest thing about this company though is easily that the opportunity to be successful is entirely up to the work you are willing to put in. It is an opportunity that most people will never get and I feel privileged to have it.”

- Denver, Oil & Gas Services

Russ Allen

Impact of Mentoring

“Having worked for Greg Peay at his prior company, I was elated when he reached out to me to open the Houston office for Bradsby Group. To work for him again I knew I would be mentored by one of the best in the country. Being a top producer is one thing, but to be taught how to manage effectively while producing is quite another. Through Greg, and Bradsby Group, I have learned much over the years. The growth I have experienced professionally has also allowed me to be better in my relationships with others outside of the office. There is no firm better than Bradsby Group!”

- Houston, Accounting & Finance

Laura Leno

Productive Environment

“I have a combined three years with Bradsby and I cannot imagine working for any other company. The atmosphere is professional yet very comfortable; and for me, that provides a stress free environment. At Bradsby, I have the opportunity to increase and utilize my talents in the service of others while contributing to the skills of those around me.

I am proud to tell people that I work for Bradsby because of the high level of service we provide to our clients and the opportunities we offer to our candidates. Working for Bradsby Group is incredibly satisfying, rich, and rewarding.”

- Houston, Operations

Virginia Hadaway

Investing In People

“I came to Bradsby Group 4 years ago from a Denver based boutique legal search firm and had 2 years of recruiting experience under my belt. The management at that firm consisted of a boss/founder/recruiter that competed for local business against his own employees!

I thought this was the model for most recruiting firms and was a little suspect of a large recruiting company with a variety of verticals. Boy was I wrong. My experience at Bradsby has been 180 degrees different and completely life changing for me and my young family.

Not only do I get to run a desk but I get to truly run both sides of a desk and really develop business throughout the Rockies with a team of like-minded professionals. Greg Peay and Bradsby really understand the importance of supporting and investing in their people.”

- Denver, Legal

Joe Maloney