When Getting Hired Takes Forever

photo-1446797376004-9352dfc9f789Landing a job is a job in itself—and these days the hiring process is taking longer than ever before. According to a new report by Glassdoor, the time spent on the hiring process has increased both in the US and abroad. Glassdoor reports that the average hiring process took 22.9 days in the US in 2014, up by an average of nearly four days since 2009. And these trends are seen at all levels, within all industries, with almost no variation based on gender, age or education. These delays are instead contributed to new and more detailed hiring policies, including more phone interviews (which can take 6.8-8.2 additional days on average), more group interviews (which can add 5.6-6.8 additional days on average), background checks, presentations, skill tests and more.

Employee on-boarding is another reason companies are taking their time. According to the article “How to Deal With a Long Hiring Process” in The Wall Street Journal, on-boarding can take upwards of six months to a year. The cost involved with time spent on a wrong hire is a budget prospect no company wants to deal with. Companies are taking their time during the hiring process to make sure they get the right hire the first go round, even if that means delaying the process.

So what can you do if the hiring process is taking longer than you imagined? Hang in there. The Wall Street Journal suggests, “For job seekers, performing well during decision-making marathons requires a thick skin and new skills.”  It’s important to focus on your strengths and not be undone by the process. The article also suggests asking the interviewer what their projected start date is for position, so you can get an idea of how long the process could take. Whatever you do, don’t continually contact the hiring authority after the interview with questions about your wait time. Instead, according to the The Wall Street Journal, while you wait, “it is best to get confidential updates from trusted contacts inside the company or from your recruiter if possible.”  Whatever you do, don’t take the job hunt personally!

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