Make Your Resume Stand Out

Getting your resume to stand out among the competition takes work. Hiring authorities will probably spend ten seconds or less scanning your resume. In order to best highlight your experience, create a resume that explains who you are and what you’ve done in a concise and simple manner. While declaring aspirations and career objectives at the top of your resume may seem like a good idea, Ruben Quintero, director of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, advises against it. In his recent LinkedIn post, Quintero writes “This is a mistake. The decision maker is wasting valuable seconds reading about your career objective and may move on to the next resume. No one cares about your career objective”. So what can you do to stand out?

Quintero suggests there are two easy ways to improve your chances of getting a call from a hiring authority. First, tell your hiring authority that you are a good fit by replacing your career objective with qualifications at the top of your resume. Quintero writes, “The decision maker has a problem and they want the answer to just one simple question, “CAN YOU HELP ME SOLVE IT?”  Second, make sure your employment history descriptions include common verbiage related to the job you are applying for. Quintero says, “The recruiter or decision maker is looking for someone that closely matches the job opening so make it easy for them by listing all of skills and experience at the very top of your resume”.

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