Job Satisfaction

How excited are you about going to work in the morning? LinkedIn and the Adler Group polled over 18,000 employees across 26 countries to determine how satisfied people were at work and what factors contributed to that satisfaction. Of those polled, 27% said they were very satisfied, 45% were somewhat satisfied and 4% were very dissatisfied. But according to this survey, job satisfaction does not necessarily mean these professionals aren’t willing to consider other opportunities. Though the factors that influence whether a professional will actually accept a new job may vary (e.g. better compensation, better work life balance, or opportunity for advancement) 45 % of those polled said that they weren’t looking but would be open to talking with recruiters about career opportunities. After all, what do they have to lose?

If you’re open to hearing about new opportunities, we’d love to hear from. We’re committed to a recruiting process that is streamlined and private. Read more about the industries that Bradsby Group focuses on on our industries page and check out our openings on our job search page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, take a look at the infographic LinkedIn put together that highlights their key findings from their survey. For more on their survey, head here.

linkedin survey


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