Interview Questions To Ask

The questions you ask during an interview are just as important as the questions you answer. The questions you ask should be very specific and important to you, should show your interest in the company, should help you uncover any reservations the interviewer may have about you and should help you determine if the employer and position are the right fit for you. Think of your questions as a way of gathering knowledge. The more you know about the position and what the employer is looking for, the more relevant information you can provide to prove you’re a good match. Some specific interview questions you could ask could include:

What are the particular skills and experience your ideal candidate will have?
What are the important issue facing this department?
How can my experience/background help you accomplish your objectives?
Are there any aspects of my experience/background that concern you?
Can you tell me more about the team?
Who previously held this position?
What do you like most about working here?
What is the next step?

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