Hourly Salary

MONEYWhat do you feel like you really deserve as a per hourly wage in your current position? Using data provided from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider found that the average hourly wage in America is $23.23 (this includes salaried workers). While some positions not protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act make under $6 an hour, some professions average over $100 an hour. Anesthesiologists top the list, making an average of $104 per 60 minutes worked. Other notable positions mentioned in their list of the top 20 earners, included petroleum engineers ($71.92), lawyers ($65.61) and HR Managers ($56.29). To check out where your position ranks, check out Business Insiders top 20 positions per hourly salary. For more information on how we can help you with your career moves and for more information about the types of positions we place, visit our job search page. Happy hunting.

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