Help for Houston

Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm that touched down less than a week ago has caused devastation and unprecedented damage throughout the Houston area.   At Bradsby Group, this destruction has hit close to home, as it has displaced our co-workers in the Houston office. To assist the relief effort Bradsby Group has agreed to match contributions made by our employees. All money raised will be split between 2 charities: the Houston Humane Society and the Houston Food Bank.

Like many local humane societies, the Houston Humane Society’s mission is to work towards ending animal cruelty and overpopulation, as well as finding happy homes for Houston area animals. During times of crisis, the Humane Society works to both prepare pet-owners on safe evacuations procedures, and also cares for pets affected by the storm. According to Charity Navigator, the Houston Humane Society devotes 85% of donations directly to the services it delivers.

Bradsby Group will also contribute to the Houston Food Bank, an organization dedicated to providing food to people in the community. As of August 30th, 2017, the Houston Food Bank had officially reopened after the storm and has been providing not just food, but also supplies (toiletries, diapers) to needy residents. According to Charity Navigator, 96.2% of donations to the Houston Humane Society go directly to the programs and services it delivers.

Looking for other ideas of worthy non-profits to donate? Check out this list, created by Charity Navigator.

To everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts are with you.

Update: As of 9/1 we have raised over $7,000 to be donated to the Humane Society & Food Bank. Thank you to all who have donated!

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