Career Happiness

How happy are you with your profession?  CareerBliss recently compiled a list of the Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in the U.S. based on the responses of over 65,000 working professionals across America.  These reviews, which were compiled between 2011 and 2012, asked employees to rate 10 factors on a five-point scale (including relationships with both boss and co-workers, work environment, available resources, opportunities for growth, compensation, both culture and reputation of the company, job tasks, and control over daily activities). The numbers combined were used as an average rating of happiness. Overall numbers were then organized by job title to determine which occupation had the happiest employees. (Note that executive positions were not included in this survey and a minimum of 25 reviews per job title was required to make the list.) While no one profession scored a perfect 10, Real Estate Agents and Senior QA Engineers made it to the top of the happy list. Did your occupation?

Careerbliss Happiest Jobs 2013
Rank Job Title Bliss Rating Average Salary
1 Real Estate Agent 4.26  $53K
2 Senior QA Engineer 4.23  $82K
3 Senior Sales Representative 4.19  $67K
4 Construction Superintendent 4.1  $68K
5 Senior Application Developer 4.08  $86K
6 Logistics Manager 4.07  $62K
7 Construction Manager 4.06  $77K
8 Executive Administrative Assistant 4.04  $45K
9 Network Engineer 4.02  $70K
10 Assistant Controller 4.02  $73K

Source: CareerBliss