Best Cities for Jobs

To find some of the best cities for jobs in America in 2016, look no further than Texas. In 2016’s Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job, a new report released by WalletHub, the personal finance website, the strength of individual job markets across America were ranked. Three Texas cities made the top ten. Using 17 metrics (like salary, employment growth, transportation costs, etc.) to compare 150 of the most populated cities in the country, Plano, Texas ranked the number one location in the country for job seekers to land work. Denver, Colorado ranked #12. WalletHub derived information for its study from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and various other institutions. The top 12 best cities to find a job as ranked by WalletHub are listed below:

Overall Rank City Total Score “Job Market” Rank
1 Plano, TX 68.12 2
2 Overland Park, KS 66.18 5
3 Austin, TX 65.1 4
4 Irving, TX 64.75 1
5 Salt Lake City, UT 64.2 3
6 Des Moines, IA 64.05 6
7 Irvine, CA 64.03 7
8 Madison, WI 63.56 11
9 Sioux Falls, SD 63.42 8
10 Omaha, NE 61.91 17
11 Boise, ID 61.88 18
12 Denver, CO 61 13

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