7 reasons hiring managers opt for video interviews

For years, phone interviews have served as a preliminary screen to determine which applicants warrant an invitation to interview in person. While they continue to be useful, today’s technology opens up previously unavailable interviewing possibilities. In our last post on video interview tips for candidates, we discussed best practices candidates should deploy when using this format. In this post, we will address the reasons hiring managers should consider using video interviews in the hiring process.

Video interviews are gaining in popularity because of the benefits they give employers. Learn why hiring managers should consider using video to vet candidates...

Video interviews are now gaining in popularity because of the benefits they give employers. But before we get into them, here’s a quick summary of the two types of video interviews currently in use:

  • Two-way video interviews: The employer invites the applicant to a scheduled video call using an app such as Skype or Zoom, or specialized video interviewing software. Each party sees the other in real time as they ask and answer questions. It is like an in-person interview in all aspects except that the parties are not in the same space.
  • One-way video interviews: The employer sends the applicant the questions to be answered with instructions as to the length of time to use for each answer. Specialized video interviewing software is available for employers to use, or sometimes the employer will ask the applicant to use their own app to record and submit their answers.

7 benefits of video interviews

A video interview can save money.

This is probably the most obvious benefit. If your recruiting extends beyond your local prospect pool, expenses add up fast when you are flying candidates in for interviews. You will probably still want to bring the best ones on site before you make an offer, but a video interview strategy will help you limit the number of trips you need to expense.

Video provides nonverbal clues.

Phones can’t do that. Communications experts tell us that as much as 90 percent of all communication happens nonverbally. Reading body language, facial expressions, posture, and eye movements gives interviewers clues to character and culture fit.

One-way video eases scheduling.

With pre-recorded interviews, applicants can record their answers when it is convenient for them. No more struggle to find a time when they can break free during working hours to take your call. It’s convenient for employers, too. “Recruiters can watch the recorded answers on their own time, which allows them to focus on other HR priorities,” says Jessica Newman of HR Morning.

Recorded interviews can be shared and reviewed.

Once captured on video, your interviews become part of the candidates’ files. “Instead of everyone setting time out of their schedules to meet with job-seeking individuals, the pre-recorded videos can be shared with anyone in your organization,” says Newman. “This way, recruiters can seek other people’s opinions and achieve a more well-rounded assessment of applicants.”

Video interviewing creates hiring intelligence.

“After implementing video interviews into their hiring process, managers can take a look at their top performers and see if their video responses had anything in common,” according to the blog of Spark Hire, a video interviewing software provider. These insights can help you choose strong candidates in the future.

Video allows candidates to set their own scene.

While some applicants may find  being on camera intimidating,  others will be more relaxed in a space of their own choosing, rather than in your office. By observing the setting they choose, you’ll gain additional insight into them as well.

Video interviewing says your organization is tech-savvy.

It will also give you a window into the candidate’s digital comfort level — or lack of it.

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When you want to find the best talent, video interviewing can be part of a smart strategy for success. Starting with quality candidates is essential, too, and we excel at finding the best for our recruiting partners. What are your hiring goals? Call us today and let’s get started.

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