Job Hunting During the Holidays

A common misconception among our recruits this time of year is that all hiring stalls out between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  Instead of putting your job search on hold for the holidays keep searching; this may be the best time of year to be searching for a new job.  Consider that hiring authorities often use this time to ramp up for the New Year, there may be ‘use it or lose it’ hiring budgets which must be spent by the end of the year and your competition may be taking the holidays off. Having new hires on board before the New Year means many companies can start off the year on the upswing (instead of spending January and February searching for new hires).  Below is a list of recommended activities for the recruit to continue to work on through the holidays.

Holiday List for Executive Job Seekers
Recruiters Recommend November and December Activities
1. Maintain job search intensity
2. Prepare to jump ahead of competitors in January
3. Network with recruiters and build relationships
4. Use holiday parties to network
5. Send holiday cards
6. Invite recruiters and key contacts to lunch
7. Take time off and recharge
Source: ExecuNet, 2012