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Nationwide cannabis recruiting services

Quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., Canada, and beyond, the cannabis industry needs more than a steady pipeline of candidates to satisfy current demand. Filling the many open positions available to job seekers requires a deep understanding of (and forward thinking around) industry nuances and the ever-evolving legal issues related to it. In order to remain competitive in the commercial cannabis sector, you’ll need to scale with purpose, speed, and efficiency. This comes down to investing in cannabis recruiting services you can trust, and a team you can rely on to successfully manage the heavy lifting required for prospecting and beyond.

Regardless of industry, it’s not enough to simply increase the headcount of your company, especially as it relates to long-term goals and vision. And haphazardly hiring for the sake of filling vacancies does not equate with higher output on behalf of your business. If you want to ensure business success and longevity, partner with a team capable of balancing general hiring know-how with cannabis recruiting sensitivities.

Experience the difference experience brings

Bradsby Group’s recruiting experts have consistently been ranked as Forbes Best Recruiters with decades of experience and a model for proven success. Our firm was one of the early entrants into placing top talent in the cannabis industry and we are currently positioned to establish dominance as the most trusted cannabis recruiting resource for the industry at large.

As the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado shines a spotlight on both the undeniable potential for success and challenges at play within the cannabis marketplace. The cannabis recruiters at Bradsby Group work out of our offices based in Denver, CO, giving them local access to extensive industry expertise and networking opportunities.

With knowledge across a wide range of competitive industries and measurable success from over 10,200 professionals placed, the team at Bradsby Group values the needs of your business above all else. We’ve represented clients across the spectrum — from engineering and manufacturing to information technology — and in doing so, value the fact that every organization is different. This is why our cannabis recruiting specialists make it their mission to listen and prioritize your specific goals: from onboarding, to offer letter.

We are selective in the clients we represent and the candidates we recruit. Our approach is unique and our ability to attract and recruit top-tier talent for our clients remains unmatched in the recruiting sector.

Bradsby Group’s cannabis recruiting experts can help you grow your dream team

Finding the best talent starts with a top-notch team of recruiters. Our Cannabis & Hemp team recruits at all levels within an organization and specializes in identifying top tier talent for the roles, including, but not limited to:

  • Cultivation and Production
    • Cannabis and Hemp
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Extraction
  • Distribution
  • Retail and Dispensary
  • R&D, Testing, BioTech and Labs
  • Ancillaries
    • AgTech, Equipment and Infrastructure
    • SaaS Tech
    • CPG/Packaging
    • Merchant/POS Systems
    • Apparel
    • Professional Services
    • PR, Media and Investor Relations
    • Data Analysis
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital
  • Legal and Compliance
  • HS&E, QA/QC
  • Executive Level/C-Suite
  • Sales and Sales Leadership
  • Customer Success/CX

Cannabis recruiting done right

Our team is here to ensure your team is matched with not only the top candidates for your industry, but the right candidates for your business.

We offer a vertically integrated recruitment solution to our clients in the cannabis and hemp industry, with over 100 recruiters across 12, highly specialized divisions. In addition to cannabis and hemp, our clients can rely on Bradsby Group as a turnkey recruiting partner with support from our other divisions which include Accounting, Legal, Supply Chain, Technology, Life Sciences, and more.

Our services are offered on a contingency basis and there are no upfront costs to engage our firm in any search, regardless of level of position or complexity of the search. Our firm represents clients on a multi-national and global level.

If you’re ready to take your company’s hiring efforts to the next level, get in contact with one of our recruiting experts today.

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