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7 guidelines for a smart open door policy

An open door says, “Welcome. Come in. Let’s talk.” A closed door says, “I need my privacy. Please come back later.” When you’re a manager, you and your door (real or figurative) should communicate that you will lead well and maintain your own productivity. The trick is to keep both of these needs in balance … Read More

Upgrade your talent with new recruits and a strong bench

Has your business been able to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you taking the long look at how to move forward? The people on your team will play a crucial role in advancing your business goals. Do you have the right players in the right slots? Are they all performing at the top … Read More

Lost your job during COVID-19? Now what? 3 things to do right now

Job loss hurts, especially when it happens through no fault of your own. If yours has disappeared in the COVID-19 pandemic, the one consolation might be that you are not alone. But that also means you have more competition in the job search, too. You will need a plan to move forward. 3 moves to … Read More