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Is a 360 performance review right for your organization?

There are many ways an organization can provide employee feedback and develop its people into leaders. Some popular examples include weekly one-on-ones with senior management, weekly department meetings, open door policies, new-hire mentoring, and 360 performance reviews. Of course, not every feedback type will be a good fit for your organization — there can be … Read More

Bradsby Group’s response to COVID-19

As you can imagine, everyone here at Bradsby Group has been following the spread of COVID-19 and the impacts it is having on our communities. Together, we’ve been diligently learning as much as we can from trusted local, state and federal sources about keeping our clients, candidates, and co-workers safe. Because we are an employee … Read More

Avoid rough waters: Make a cultural interview part of your hiring process

Even when recruits are experts in their field, if their values and working style clash with the rest of the organization, conflict can derail productivity, no one will be happy, and course corrections will be costly. A cultural interview can literally prevent disaster. But before we get into how to conduct one, let’s clarify what … Read More

Salary research — 6 ways to determine your professional worth

Wouldn’t it be nice if all job postings straight up said what the salary will be? Some do, but it’s more likely that an employer will require applicants to say what they expect to be paid first. If you are a candidate and haven’t done your salary research ahead of time, you might answer with … Read More