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Breaks at work: Why your team needs a time out

The business world still has a lot of stressed out and exhausted people, despite a plethora of wellness initiatives. Part of the problem is a culture that rewards working without breaks as a characteristic of commitment. If you are responsible for managing employees, there is a strong business case to make for having your team … Read More

Civility in the workplace: 3 ways to foster it in your company

Road rage. Obnoxious diners bullying the server. Social media snark. Break room blowhards. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. We might become weary of hearing about the loss of civility in the workplace and in our culture, but there is no denying that it saps individual and organizational energy. According to research on workplace incivility … Read More

7 reasons hiring managers opt for video interviews

For years, phone interviews have served as a preliminary screen to determine which applicants warrant an invitation to interview in person. While they continue to be useful, today’s technology opens up previously unavailable interviewing possibilities. In our last post on video interview tips for candidates, we discussed best practices candidates should deploy when using this … Read More

Ace an on-camera interview with these 9 crucial video interview tips

If you’re seeking a new job, you need to be camera ready. No, you don’t need a makeup artist, but you do need to prepare for a video interview, which is becoming more and more common in today’s workplace. In this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of this rapidly growing interview style. Let’s get you … Read More