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4 tips for managing invisible labor in your business

Being invisible is no fun. Doing invisible labor runs a close second. Yet someone needs to do the invisible labor: Make the coffee. Remember the birthdays. Listen supportively to stressed coworkers. Orient new hires. Invisible labor hurts everyone Four years ago, an often-referenced Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant article for the New York Times addressed … Read More

What does “overqualified for the job” really mean?

“I’m sorry. We believe you’re overqualified for this job. We decided to go with someone else.” Getting this news can be confusing, as well as discouraging, to a candidate. On the surface, it’s simple: an applicant with a graduate degree and 25 years’ experience at the executive level applying for an entry-level job doesn’t seem … Read More

How many jobs should be on a resume? 3 factors to consider

How many jobs have you had? How many of them does a potential employer want to see on your resume? Job seekers often ask this question, “How many jobs should be on a resume?” Here’s the answer: it depends, but probably fewer than you would think. Employers spend just seconds on each resume before they … Read More

Candidates ask: Should I include references on my resume?

A common question asked by job seekers continues to be, “Should I include references on my resume?” The answer is no, unless the employer specifically asks for them in the application instructions. Keep reading to understand the reasoning behind why it’s not wise to include references on your resume, as well as best practices for … Read More