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Biotech industry trends and employment outlook

The biotech market is undergoing a digital transformation. As rapid scientific advances take the industry into the future, existing companies are changing the way they collaborate, start-ups are gaining ground, and career opportunities are expanding. “Data is fast becoming the currency of life sciences, and digital enterprises are building a new business model for the … Read More

3 ways to leverage recruitment marketing for hiring success

Competition for top talent is tight these days. What can hiring managers learn from marketing to attract the best? As it turns out, quite a bit. Recruitment marketing is a strategy increasingly utilized by successful hiring professionals. Recruitment marketing starts with a shift to thinking of potential job candidates the same way marketers think of … Read More

Interview etiquette for hiring managers

Some time ago we published an article about “ghosting.” That’s what it’s called when job candidates have interviewed well and might even have a job offer, but then they disappear. They don’t respond to phone calls or email, or they might not even show up for their first day of work. But what about when … Read More

Remote and flexible work arrangements: The pros and cons

Remote and flexible work arrangements are becoming increasingly common. While they work well for some companies, other organizations have found the disadvantages outweigh the potential benefits. Are employees more productive working on site or remotely? Big companies like Yahoo!, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard have returned to requiring staff to be physically at work and say productivity … Read More