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Employers want to know: How will talent scarcity affect my business?

Business leaders are sounding an alarm about talent scarcity. Finding people with the skills their organizations need has become increasingly challenging. Talent scarcity isn’t a problem of too few people, clarifies Steve White, leader of PwC’s Global Mobility Strategy Consulting team. Rather, “it’s about having enough of the right skills in the right places at … Read More

Candidates ask: “Why does the hiring process take so long?”

“Anticipation… is keeping me waiting…” Carly Simon was singing about heartache, not a job search. But when the hiring process drags out, job candidates can commiserate. So, why does the hiring process take so long? For all types of jobs, the hiring process now takes more than double the time it took in 2010. For … Read More

How to protect your corporate culture from a high-performing jerk

What do you do when you have an employee who is a dream come true at his or her specialty, but a nightmare to coworkers and customers (a.k.a. a high-performing jerk)? Is it wise to tolerate bad behavior because the metrics are great? Or is the cost too high? You know the type. The bully. … Read More

Why and how high-tenure executives repackage themselves

Why does a corporate executive with a long successful tenure at a giant like Amazon leave? That’s what Ian Freed did. He had led Amazon’s Kindle and Fire phone teams, but he walked away at the end of 2017 to work at a nonprofit, according to Jason Del Rey, senior editor for Recode. The nonprofit, … Read More