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Listen and learn: 7 professional development podcasts we love

Podcasts are a great free resource for professional development. They come in a vast diversity of topics, formats, and personalities, and we can access them anywhere and anytime. Some are informational and others are inspirational. Because there are so many professional development podcasts available, it can be challenging to know where to start. We’ll recommend … Read More

5 ways to support & develop women in the workplace

Women in the workplace want and need the same treatment and opportunities as men. Yet even with laws in place to protect the rights of women at work, the playing field is still far from level, no matter what we would like to believe. We are living in a time of heightened attention to what … Read More

How to Stop Micromanaging and Develop Leaders

Creating a positive work environment goes a long way toward retaining team members with qualities you desire. Micromanaging creates a poisonous work environment. Knowing how to stop micromanaging is therefore crucial to keeping good team members. What does micromanaging look like? What does it cost the organization? And how can a micromanager stop the habit? … Read More