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How to write a job description that attracts top-tier talent

Job descriptions are our daily reading at Bradsby Group. We’ve seen remarkable job descriptions, but we’ve also seen many that are bland. In the search for highly qualified candidates, your job description needs to stand out as much as the person you want to hire. Great job descriptions set the stage for great candidates. Here’s … Read More

Professionals don’t ghost other professionals

Have you ever been ghosted? No fun, is it? It leaves you hanging, not knowing how to proceed. Let’s turn the tables. Have you ever ghosted someone? It is decidedly not a smart move to ghost a recruiter or potential employer. What is ghosting? Stood up, ignored, no-show – for those new to the term, … Read More

An industry insider’s 2019 forecast for oil and gas & chemical industries

The energy sector was solid in 2018, according to an industry analysis by Duane Dickson, vice-chair and principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Energy, Resources, and Industrials Industry group. After a brief review of 2018, his white paper focuses on a 2019 forecast for oil, gas and chemicals. We were quite interested to read it because of … Read More

What do you do when that shiny new job doesn’t fit?

When it’s time for a career transition, you don’t want just any job. You want something you’ll look forward to every morning. Something where you will flourish as a leader in an organization doing work you feel is important. Let’s say you land just such a job. Huzzahs all around! But then about a month … Read More

4 vital tips for working with a recruiter during your job search

Working with a recruiter is a wise move when you are seeking a new career opportunity. Recruiters seek to place highly qualified candidates in the open positions of the companies who are their clients. They know about jobs you haven’t heard of yet, and their networks reach far beyond yours. Therefore, they are well positioned … Read More