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How long should you wait to hear from a recruiter?

Waiting is hard. We don’t like to wait in rush-hour traffic or for the arrival of a late flight or for the start of a vacation. Waiting has inspired songs about longing and plays about patience. It’s also an unpleasant part of the job search. At one time or another we have all asked this … Read More

How to Catch a Unicorn – or would you rather have a Secretariat?

What does a unicorn have to do with staffing? It turns out quite a bit, if you are searching for that one-in-a-million fantastic candidate. Unicorns are beautiful creatures, always white, that look just like horses except for one thing: They have one pointed horn growing from the top of their heads. They have appeared in … Read More

The bountiful benefits of hiring before the end of the year

The end of 2018 is within sight. For most businesses other than retail and hospitality, it’s time for reflection, for evaluating how the past year has gone and for planning the execution of 2019 strategies. Budgets and bottom lines get examined, and projects get wrapped up to clear the deck for the next ones. And … Read More