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Explosive Denver growth fueled by innovation and entrepreneurship

We love Denver! The sun shines something like 300 days out of the year, the Rocky Mountains are just outside the city’s front door, and the Rockies baseball team calls this home. If football is your game instead, there’s that other team, too, the one that has something to do with a horse. The Bradsby … Read More

The ultimate action guide to resume action verbs

Your resume creates the first impression of who you are when you’re looking to make a career transition. The last thing you want to convey is that you’re passive, or that you just exist. Unfortunately, you can unintentionally do both, if you don’t choose words with intention. Enter resume action verbs! Let’s talk about verbs … Read More

The cost of a bad hire is much higher than you think

Hiring decisions can be daunting, can’t they? You advertise the opening, read lots of resumes, conduct interviews, and check references. But how do you really know who is the best fit for your team? And how do you avoid the cost of a bad hire? No doubt about it, hiring the wrong person costs a … Read More

Are cover letters necessary in the digital age?

Many job seekers ask us, “Are cover letters necessary?” Of course a resume is required – no question there. But is the cover letter just an old-fashioned appendage no longer needed in our digital communication age? What do employers expect today? Recruiters differ in their opinions about the value of a cover letter accompanying the … Read More