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Least Stressful Jobs

How stressful is your job? According to Laurence Shatkin and, Geographers top the list of those with the least stressful, high-paying jobs in America. In his 2008 book titled, 150 Best Low Stress Jobs, Shatkin ranks the top 150 low stress jobs using 12 common stress factors along with salary, education and personality factors. He … Read More

The Value of Your Money

What is the value of $100 where you live? According to the Tax Foundation, the value of $100 is highest in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri and lowest in the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and New York.  Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Tax Foundation compared price differences in every state and adjusted … Read More

Most Educated Cities

Boulder, Colorado is home to a very educated population, according to a new survey out by 24/7 Wall St. Using United States Census Bureau data, 24/7 Wall St examined the education level of metro areas in every state to determine the most educated city in every state. Their data shows that Boulder is the most … Read More