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Working 9-5

How many hours do you spend on work in an average week? Americans are notorious for excessive work weeks, but a new report out by Statista suggests only 11.4% of Americans work in excess of 50 hours a week on average. Not the case in Turkey, where according to this survey, 43% of citizens work … Read More

Tech Salaries On the Rise

Average salaries for technology professionals grew 2% across the US between 2013-2014, according to a new report from The career site notes that the average tech professional made $89,450 in 2014, up from $87,811 in 2013. Silicon Valley professionals had the highest paying salaries, with an average salary of $112,610, followed by Seattle at … Read More

Best Career For Your Personality

What does your chosen career path say about your personality?  Truity Psychometrics, an online personality and career assessments website, created an infographic that narrows down 16 different personality types and the careers that best match each. Consider yourself a factual, reality driven individual? They suggest you are ideally suited for practical supervisory roles, such as … Read More