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Four Interview Fundamentals

There are four intangible fundamentals to a successful interview. These intangibles will influence the way your personality is perceived and will affect the degree of personal rapport or chemistry that you share with your hiring manager. Enthusiasm – You should leave no doubt as to your level of interest in the job. Employers are interested … Read More

Prestigious Professions

Which professions do you have the most respect and admiration for?  A recent survey by Harris Poll indicates that American adults consider doctors, military officers and firefighters to be the most prestigious occupations. Engineers also ranked high in the survey, with 93% of survey participants indicating they would encourage their children to pursue a career … Read More

Work Happier

Feeling disengaged at work? You are not alone.  A recent Gallup poll suggests only 47.7% of employees are satisfied with their current position. Survey participants listed having open lines of communication, interest in their work and career recognition as the most important factors to career satisfaction. Key factors contributing to feelings of dissatisfaction include poor … Read More