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Should You Accept the Counteroffer

After months of searching and interviewing you land a new position that means more money, a better situation, and greater opportunity. You prepare your resignation speech, walk into your boss’s office and give your notice. Much to your surprise instead of awkward silence, anger or defeat, your boss offers a counteroffer. Should you accept the … Read More

Winning the Lottery

If you won the lottery today, would you go to work tomorrow? In a national survey conducted by Harris Poll and CareerBuilder more than half of the respondents (51%) who were asked that question reported that they would continue working even after receiving the windfall (with 30% saying they would stay in their current position). … Read More

Best Paying Jobs for Recent Grads

Electrical engineers, software developers and mechanical engineers are some of the highest-paying jobs out there for young college graduates entering the workforce according to a new survey by Payscale and Business Insider. The survey identified 15 of the highest paying jobs based on median pay (to include salary, wages, bonuses, profit sharing and other cash … Read More

Interview Questions To Ask

The questions you ask during an interview are just as important as the questions you answer. The questions you ask should be very specific and important to you, should show your interest in the company, should help you uncover any reservations the interviewer may have about you and should help you determine if the employer … Read More